Informative white-papers, brochures and websites providing additional information on the dairy industry, markets and on managed futures.

The following information has been prepared by third-parties that Dairy Opportunities believes to be reliable. At this time we have not however independently verified any of the information contained in the presentations we have included at our site. Please review and utilize this material at your own risk noting that all Futures and Options trading involves the risk of loss and is not appropriate for everyone. Also that the use of managed futures in an investment portfolio may not mean that you as an investor will be profitable, not experience losses, and/or be able to materially reduce overall return volatility.  The following information makes reference to managed futures. Please note that while managed futures may enhance returns and reduce risk, managed futures may have the opposite effect on a portfolio and, in fact, may result in losses in a portfolio. Further, studies conducted of managed futures as a whole may not be indicative of the performance of any individual money manager. In addition, studies conducted of managed futures as a whole may rely on managed futures indices to measure the performance of managed futures as an asset class; however, such indices do not represent the entire universe of all money managers. Moreover, investors cannot invest in an index itself, and the actual rates of return of money managers within an index may be significantly different and more volatile than those of the index.

Information on Dairy Markets

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Information on Managed Futures

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