Dairy Opportunities is a Commodity Trading Advisor offering the Dairy Opportunities Strategy, a specialized discretionary managed futures trading program focusing on dairy commodity trading and  potential opportunities in the dairy market, backed by research, infrastructure and experience.


  • To provide speculative capital an avenue to participate in dairy markets.
  • To provide positive returns to institutional/speculative clients that would be unachievable through conventional channels.


Dairy Opportunities is managed by four principals: Joe Schmit, Brian Rice, Pete Turk, and Tom Sandy.


Q: What is the capacity of the strategy?
A: $30 million.
Q: What is the minimum investment?
A: $100,000
Q: If I set up multiple managed accounts, is there a minimum per account?
A: $100,000
Q: What type of investor is Dairy Opportunities looking for?
A: DO’s program is currently offered exclusively Qualified Eligible Persons as defined in CFTC Regulation 4.7.  DO’s is looking for investors that understand futures trading, and futures traders. Additionally, DO’s program may be attractive to investors that have a long-term view and desire performance that is uncorrelated to any major index. Futures and options trading involve significant risk of loss, and are not appropriate for all investors.  Only risk capital should be used when trading in these markets.